July 26, 2016


Joe Ruiz Jr

Joe Ruiz Success

My name is Joe Ruiz, Jr. and I created Social Eye Marketing. In 2006, my best friend and I created the FIRST indie film festival to introduce online streaming content. We hosted an online competition and invited the viewing public rate the films. We then took the top 21 films to our festival in NYC! Note: We were just two dudes from Minnesota with a vision, a dream, and no clue WTH we were getting into! Fast forward to today, and we have become one of the most recognized film festivals around, and have built it into a two-week long festival full of events and screenings.

My goal in life has always been to do things with a purpose. Everything we have ever created was to enhance the lives of filmmakers. Technology has always been at the forefront, and has become my passion. This is why social media has consumed my life over the last 5 years, and I got into the profession (Social Media Management). I TRULY believe that Social Media can change lives, careers, and businesses and that we have just begun this crazy social journey. My goal now is to make sure that others can come along and join us on this trip to social media renaissance

I am Social Eye Marketing. For 5 years, I have worked in and studied the Internet Marketing field. With my team, we work to provide QUALITY Internet Marketing Services to our clients. Whether it be Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, or All-of-the-above, we strive to help businesses develop, maintain, and manage their online presence and reputation. As someone who is passionate about the Social Media industry, I have spoken at events in NYC and Minnesota about the importance of Social Media to businesses today, how to incorporate it into the daily mix, as well as the importance of branding and marketing in Social Media.

I aim to help businesses and entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of social media, and to teach them just how important social media is to their success. My goal is to create platforms for all people to learn social media as a business catalyst, regardless of their economic upbringing. If you are interested in learning more about how you can use social media for your small business, please join our Facebook group for free tips!